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Basic Nutrition. Oops, no! Fermented foods!

I know that delays suck, but I’m posting a preview today of my Fermented Foods booklet as I’m nowhere near done researching, compiling, simplifying, and editing all the information on nutrition, I’ll be posting that article next week.

Instead, I’m posting a part of the booklet on Kombucha. I’ve just refreshed, reviewed, and added multiple pieces of information on it that were not featured in the kombucha workshop that I gave previously.

The booklet will be available for purchase on the 3rd of June! I’ll be posting some preview pictures, so keep your eyes out!

In the meantime, here’s a kombucha glimpse, as it is a very popular yet controversial fermented food. Well, drink is a more accurate description.

Enjoy everyone!

Till next time!

Alex H. M.

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