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Book Preview!

Updated: May 4, 2022

I started writing this book back in 2017 but had to put it on hold with the birth of my fourth son. While it was shelved, it was not discarded! If you remember, here’s the preview:

While I will finish this gem in the near future, my new books, yes, bookS, will focus on the coaching program I’m currently working on.

The book/program is broken into three categories:

* A Dreamer’s Focus:

Before you tackle any goals or plans, or make crazy life changes, or hire a bunch of coaches, do you know what you want? But more importantly, do you know who you are? What you believe in? What’s your habits, the conscious or unconscious ones?

The program explores how the brain works, talks about the basics of mental health, and everything relating to self-discovery. Because only once you figure yourself out, learn to accept and love the real you, can you tackle everything else that doesn’t work in your life. One of the bonuses featured in the book will be a description of specialists who you can turn to for help, and which obstacles they help you overcome.

* A Champion’s Purpose:

The subsequent book will focus on the life goals you want to tackle. But not without giving you the ground work. A steady foundation of what needs to be in place before you tackle those goals.

Such as understanding of how nutrition affects not only your mental but physical capabilities. Realising why the body needs both exercise and rest to support you in stressful situations. Seeing the difference between doing things on your own and building a support network or team. We’ll even tackle finances! Only to take apart every goal to see which of your needs it meets. And so much more!

* A Hero’s Quest:

The final part of the program will focus on those who want to dedicate themselves to a higher cause. Such as helping others. Because when you dedicate yourself fully, sometimes you lose track of everything else. That’s where the concept of the Hero’s Fall comes from, or the Batman complex, where the hero becomes the villain.

This book will focus on helping you stay grounded. But you’ll have to stay tuned for more details.

To put it simply, three books and three different coaching plans are coming your way.

For those of you who are beyond curious! Well, feel free to leave a comment, and we’ll email you an exert from the Dreamer’s book called: Sharing Lemonades! - Managing reactions to bad situations.

Stay tuned for Friday’s big reveal. I’m really looking forward to sharing that little jewel with you all.

Till next time! Enjoy those lemonades in the meantime!

Alex H. M.

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