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Happy New Year!

A New Year means a new beginning. And usually a new list of resolutions. Or how I personally like to call them, B…S…!

As far as history or my personnel experience shows, they are usually dropped before the goals are reached. So how can this year be different? How can you reach your goal? How not to give up? Don’t make resolutions! Great solution, right!?

Instead, make a list of what you really want. Be brutally honest! Don’t write down anything that just sounds good or that you think you should do because someone expects it.

This is YOUR list, YOUR wish, YOUR outcome.

Then write down the why. Honest, hardcore why’s. And then the how, step by step with a time frame.

Example: 1- Lose weight. Why? To be healthy! 😊 How: Join a gym or do a diet. Example: 2- Get from a size 12 to a fit size 8 by December 24th, 2019. Why? To feel attractive for the first time in years; to have energy at my advanced age; to prevent illness because my family has a history of serious health problems when overweight and it’s starting to show; to be able to play sports with my kids and be called super fun mom/dad, etc. How? Start with 5 minutes of exercise 3 times a week, such as brisk walking, increase exercise frequency and intensity by 10% every week. Cutting back 10% of junk food and switching it to healthier choices, increase process every 2 weeks.

The first example is a resolution, which is vague in desire, time frame and process. The second is a life change with a clearly define goal, time frame and a why that will inspire you over time. Most importantly, it is a goal that is doable and sustainable in the long run. And that is how you go from B…S… to achievement! 😉

So this year, don’t bother with resolutions! Give yourself the best new beginning possible! Congratulate yourself on last year’s successes, no matter how small. Cherish the journey that has helped you grow and brought you to this point. Finally, take a bold calm step to the adventure that will be 2019!

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