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M.I.Nature Wellness Hack #1

Unless you are on your death bed, you won’t find the motivation, time or energy to achieve your goals.

Why? Because that is how our bodies and brains were designed.

The human body is designed for survival; fight or flight. So, any drastic changes make the body think it’s in fight mode. The moment the effort is stopped, it just tries to return to what it thinks is normal. Even if it means gaining the pounds back or turning muscle back to fat.

The brain is designed to protect you. It actually sees changes as a threat. The brain works on experience accumulated since birth, so anything new will raise a red flag. That’s why you can feel exhausted or frustrated even before you tackle something new. Your brain is actually screwing you over!

After learning this, you’re probably thinking: “Well what’s the point of trying then?!”

Well, you still want or need the results.

Here’s today’s tip!

Slow changes like gaining muscle or loosing weight over a long period time will not trigger the body to feel like it’s in fight mode. Thus, the pounds will stay off. To overcome the brain’s backfiring, there’s a simple trick you can do. Do daily something different, this will actually create a new muscle or neuron pattern which will see changes as something natural instead of a threat. This can be anything as easy as taking a different route home, trying new food, listening to a new type of music, etc.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. It just doesn’t mean it has to be painful! It can be as effortless as you see in nature.

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