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M.I.Nature Wellness Hack #6 – Fermented Foods

Did you know, one of the best ways to boost your health is through eating fermented foods!

I had the privilege of eating fermented side dishes all my life as I come from a Polish family that still makes their own sauerkraut, pickles, etc. But I was completely oblivious to its advantages and took them for granted. That is, until I moved in with my husband and we had kids… It seemed we were always sick in all its pleasantness.

Once I had taken a nutrition class, reintroduced home cooked meals, and (forcefully 📷;p ) introduced fermented foods, we stopped being as sick. Bye Bye constant colds! Bye Bye gastro!!!

Here’s why fermented foods are so important. • rich in probiotic bacteria, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acid • improve your gut microbiome, digestive system and enhance your immune system • get your colon back into balance • help the digestion and absorption of the foods you're eating

Here’s a couple of examples of fermented foods and drinks you can add to your meals: • Sauerkraut • Kimchi • Kefir • Kombucha • Miso • Tempeh • Yogurt

Best part of all, you don’t have to eat or drink huge amounts of fermented foods to reap the benefits! Try a little side dish a couple of times a week and you’ll see for yourself the benefits!

* Thanks for reading, we hope this hack was helpful! Remember, when you go for fermented foods, try to find the most natural kinds or look up recipes online! It’s pretty easy to make some of them. Good luck!

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