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Our Mission

Our Mission at My Incredible Nature is to constantly learn, question and develop everything related to health, well-being and personal development to offer our customers the best support and guidance possible. We are here to educate and guide our customers, offering them the opportunity to improve their well-being, support their health and find joy in their daily lives.


Our goal is to make a true and lasting positive change in the life of our clients. Whether it’s through the use of herbs to boost the digestive system; the Bach elixirs to deal with multiple emotions; the essential oils to prevent colds, through exercise or nutrition to keep a healthy weight. We want to create products that are as close to nature as possible so to help the body readjust itself and assimilate easily the benefits of those products. We want to offer simple and easily accessible services that will transform the mental, emotional and physical wellness of our clients in the long term.



M.I.Nature wants to bridge the gap between alternative and modern medicine, to promote health and happiness in all its forms. Our vision is to open health clinics in which traditional and alternative practitioners can better the lives of those who walk through our doors.

    "The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature."


    - Joseph Campbell

About Me


Aleksandra Horodyska

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Certified aromatherapist, wellness mentor, as well a consultant for flower elixirs & nutritional therapy. Multiple years of experience in personal growth which she loves to share through her speaking engagements. Certified and experienced natural product artisan.

Her life mission is to grow awareness of alternative medicine practices, bridge the gap between modern and alternative medicine while helping others become healthier and happier.

She is currently furthering her studies in herbalism and naturopathy to better help her clients.

Certificates Completed:
• Aromatherapy (Includes also Psycho-Energetic Aromatherapy, Case Study and Fabrication)
• Personal Growth and Help Relationship
• Floral Therapy (Includes also Fabrication)
• Nutritherapy (Includes Healthy Nutrition, Therapeutic Nutrition, Germination & Lacto-fermentation)
• Manufacture of Therapeutic Products
• Manufacture of Beauty and Hygiene Products

Certificates in progress:
• Art of Communicating
• Naturopatherapy
• Plant Pharmacology

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