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M.I.Nature Wellness Hack #11 – Game On!

How many times a day do you usually laugh? Have fun? Play a game?

This morning, I tried to get my preteen daughter to move and get ready for our inhumanly early appointment at the hospital… I’ll spare you the details, other than to say that I felt like a ticking time bomb by the time we arrived.

What happened once we were there and how we dealt with the rest of the morning reminded me about a little hack I’m personally still working on.

“We don’t have control on the event that happen to us, but we do have complete control on how we react to them.”

So instead of taking my frustration out, I started playing tickle war with my eldest daughter. It completely flipped how our day was going. We didn’t see the 4 hours pass as we teased, played dodgeball with a hat and made jokes to pass the time.

Because I chose to let my inner kid out and play, I got to bond with my daughter… We don’t really get to do that often. It became one of the most pleasant mornings I can remember of late. My stress over the earlier nagging, driving in traffic and running so we wouldn’t be late was completely forgotten.

The best part, our laughter was good and not just for us. The other parents and especially the kids who were in pain, caught onto our laughter and happy mood. Our giggling and positive attitude even caught onto the doctor. My daughter couldn’t stop laughing even through the pain as the doctor showed her exercises to get dexterity back into her hand. He even did a basket ball throw with her cast into the garbage!

Even now after 5 hours of doing laundry (did I mention I have 4 kids?… 😉), our goofiness from this morning has kept me in a good mood.

So, whenever you get a chance! Let out your inner child and laugh! Your stress levels will thank you for it.

And yes, as promised, tomorrows hack will be on iron sources!

* Thank you for reading! Let us know if there were times you found your whole day flipped around due to laughter?

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