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M.I.Nature Wellness Hack #8 – Rainbow of Fruits & Veggies Part 1

Remember when you were little and your parents made you eat fruits and veggies everyday? Then you became an adult and gained the freedom to choose your snacks! You welcomed all those little guilty pleasures with open arms.

“Fruit what?! I’m never going to eat another vegetables again! Mwhahaha!!!” You’ve probably heard that little voice too, right!?

I’ve often found myself in the same predicament where I had the option of eating a fruit or grabbing whatever snack was already and conveniently under my hand. That is until I learned what we got out of eating an array of vegetables and fruits!

Have you ever felt instantly revitalized after eating a juicy apple or another fruit? You see, there’s a very good reason behind that boost of energy and that’s because of their specific colors! Each color brings their own set of active substances, vitamins, nutrients, minerals and fibers! They also contain complex and simple sugars that are the principle source of energy for your body. So, to keep your brain sharp and sustain or accelerate your metabolism, there is nothing really better to eat.

Now I know what you are thinking, can juice replace a real fruit or vegetable? The answer unfortunately is no. Juice doesn’t contain all the nutrients that the originals contained. More importantly, it doesn’t contain fiber. Fiber regulates our intestine’s functions, keeps our gut healthy and trigger that “full” feeling. It also connects to sugar and cholesterol. Thus, they reduce bad cholesterol and help maintain good sugar levels!

So you see, by adding fruits or vegetables to your every meal or having them as snacks, you will promote a good digestion, nourish your body, and help curb your hunger. It can even restraint your impulse to eat sweets!

After reading this hack, you’re probably looking at those veggies in another light. But stay tuned for tomorrow’s part 2, as we’ll break down the benefits by colors!

* Thanks for reading! We hope this was an eye opener for you and has generated a new interest in the wonderful vegetable world!

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