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Winds of Change

Well hello again!

It’s been what? Three years since I updated everyone on what’s going on at M.I.Nature, right? Here’s an update and a look at what’s to come!


We’re now located in New Brunswick near a small, beautiful beach town called Shediac. Because of the move, I had to put on hold the herbal garden and outside conferences space that I previously posted pictures of.


While dealing with Covid restrictions, raising four kids, yes, four, revamping my company and writing, I realized I couldn’t give as many workshops on weekends. From now on, I’ll be posting my workshops, presentations and programs online.

Let’s be realistic, nobody has the same schedule and a lot of us are already overbooked. With the material online, it gives you the freedom to read, listen or watch the material at your convenience. Whether it's on the drive to work, on a lunch break, or at night after putting your kids to bed.


I will no longer focus on natural product fabrication and consultations. Those services will be postponed until next year. Instead, the focus will turn to sharing information and coaching/mentoring.


Because I love inspiring and teaching others. It will allow me to share this passion and knowledge while setting the foundation and tools to help people take better care of themselves or better their lives.


How does that benefit you? Well, here’s some examples.

That whitened natural product for your teeth, I’ll be showing you how to make it yourself. That strategy to overcome your anxiety, I’ll be teaching you how to apply it in different situations and problems. That herbal remedy to overcome your constant colds, I’ll explain how it works and use it safely on kids, adults and seniors.

And best of all, you can leave questions and ideas that you’d love more information on.


The information sharing will be available through different approaches. Every week, you’ll find a life or wellness hack on the blog. There will be articles available on the webpage, if you prefer to read and add notes. And for those who prefer listening and watching, I’ll be posting videos.

I must warn you; the subjects will vary immensely. They will cover anything from natural products, to simple exercises, to nutritional facts, to coping strategies, to physical or emotional or intellectual studies or explanations, etc.

Finally, the biggest scoop is the coaching/mentoring program and its affiliated book. But I’ll leave those details for next week.

For now, enjoy the coming of spring and good weather! Till next time!

Alex H.M.

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